Big Daddy Dupree's

 Broke and Hungry Blues Band


Garry Jones, John McCorkle, Ronda Jordan, Rob Johnson, Bernie Wilson, Larry Criswell, Donn May, Tim Gardner

Donn May- Lead Guitar and Vocals


Donn May started playing the pedal steel at the age of 6 and switched over to electric guitar at the age of 9. By the age of 13, Donn was already playing in a band. Many of his musical influences include: Chuck Berry, Led Zepplin, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix , Lynyrd Skynyrd and more.


Some of the bands that Donn has played with include: Simon Genesis, Midwest, Apostrophe, Boomer Rockwell, Mixed Review, Class Act, Rip Chord and now living the Blues With Big Daddy Dupree's Broke & Hungry Blues Band.


When he is not playing his guitar Donn enjoys spending time with friends, family, fishing and riding his Harley.






Garry Jones- Harp and Vocals

I got my first drum kit when I was in my early teens. I always gravitated towards Blues rock, R&B, and Funk. Long about 1985 I visited a club in Indianapolis called the Slippery Noodle. It was there I got bit by the Blues bug. I watched some guys blowing Harp and decided right then and there that I wanted to be a Harp player some day. I went to the local book store and found a publication by Klutz Press called Country & Blues Harmonica for the musically hopeless. There was a cassette, and a C Harp included. I was driving semi then, and my truck had a cassette player, so as I drove I would listen to the cassette, and play my Harp. I did get some funny looks from others on the road, but that's how I learned to play. Later I found Muddy Waters. That's how I found James Cotton. He is the guy I aspire to play like. Well, 27 years later I was blessed to be invited to play Harp for Big Daddy Dupree's Broke & Hungry Blues Band. I'm having a great time playing with these guys. I hope you will come check us out, and enjoy some great Blues. You can e-mail me at Or find me on Face Book. Shine on...

Bernie Wilson- Trombone



I don’t remember when I started with music, but I feel it has been around me for a long time, since my mother was always involved musically. I started playing trombone in the 6-7th grade and played through junior high and high school, taking up acoustic bass in my jr.- sen. years.



1960-61 I went to Indiana University where I studied trombone with Edwin (Bud) Baker, whose methods and teachings I still use even now. Late 60’s- early 70’s I played with the Shaky Joe Trio, mostly bass and some trombone. Late 70’s I played with a group called Flight mostly trombone and some bass.



Through most of the 90’s I played with the Bobabalooys which included John Larson. From the 90’s to this year, I have had the privilege of playing with John and consider our camaraderie to be a major influence in my musical career. Late 2000’s I have had the pleasure of playing rock with Short Term Memories and The Blues with Big Daddy Dupree.



Throughout my years I have played with several community concert groups (Grace Community Concert Band, Lake Area Concert Band, Grace Wind Ensemble, Elkhart Symphonic Choir) which have allowed me to sustain my chops and have given a certain amount of stability in an otherwise unstable existence. I thank God for whatever talent HE has allowed me and will continue to use it as long as I can.




Rob Johnson- Trumpet

Rob Johnson's three favorite past times growing up in Syracuse, Indiana were playing the trumpet, golfing, and skydiving. With a music major from ISU he is still golfing and playing brass. 


Some of the bands he has been a member of besides Big Daddy Dupree's include; The Whistle Pigs Band, Short Term Memories, Kelly Jay Band, and The Brass Menagerie.  He has also been known to play for the Amish Acres Round BarnTheatre in Nappanee. 


You can hear some of Rob's trumpet talent on several new CDs including Big Daddy Dupree's, The Whistle Pigs Band, Kelly Jay Band, Jilly Jenks CD, and Catman & the All Niters. He always enjoys jamming with his son (trumpet) and daughter (guitar and trumpet) and golfing.







Ronda Jordan Scarlet- Vocalist


Ronda hails from a very musical family and developed an appreciation for many genres at a very early age. Taking lessons on multiple instruments, she eventually decided playing was not for her, vocals were where her passion was. She says, "I'm fairly certain I was singing in utero." Through school she was a member of the school choir, church choir, and many stage productions.


After graduating, she continued to perform and indulge her passion for song by doing some vocal coaching and found herself hosting Karaoke shows and occasionally guest performing with a variety of bands for eight years. After more than a decade she returned to hosting for the last couple of years. Enter Big Daddy Dupree at one of her shows following a performance of their own and the rest is, as they say, history.


We are very fortunate to have Ronda as a member of our Blues family. Her soulful sound is a gift that needs to be shared with our friends, fans and family.







John McCorkle - Keyboards

John has been playing in bands for a number of years. We are so glad for his experience and abilities to add fill ins and to take a lead at any given time. John is a great band member and a good friend to all of his band brothers and sister. John does not like to talk about himself so that is why his bio is so short and to the point. He is very humble and a very family oriented person as is everyone in the "Broke and Hungry Blues Band". Please make a point of coming out to hear John and the rest of the "Broke and Hungry Blues Band" we would love to entertain you and share the Blues with you and your freinds.





Larry Criswell- Bass Guitar

Larry has been playing in bands around northern Indiana for a very long time. Larry has played bass and guitar with many bands through his musical career and still continues to enjoy playing music of all types. Larry is also in another Band called "Rip Chord" and they play all types of music including Country and Classic Rock. Larry started playing at an early age and was pulled away from music when he went to serve his country in the Army. When he returned he jumped right back into playing music and hasn't missed a beat. Larry is a very proud and dedicated family man and if you ask his kids he is a great father. We are proud and thankful to have Larry in our Blues family. 

Tim Gardner- Drums and Vocals

Tim grew up in Goshen IN. singing in church and with GHS's Crimsonaires. He also is very proud of his years drumming in The Goshen High School Marching Band and Jazz Band. He received awards for his vocal and drumming talents all throughout his schooling, and was lucky to have studied under many area instructors/performers along the way. He was also a member of  The Community Choral at Goshen College for several years and with the Swartley Singers a local choir lead by former GHS Crimsonair director G. Merril Swartley. 
   Tim has been a member of many local bands during his 35 plus years of playing, and currently Lead Vocalist and Drummer for the popular local group HiFI 2 WiFI. We are happy to have Tim in our Blues family and help us share the Blues music with our friends and families.